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Workshop and Competition Testimonial

Workshop and Competition Testimonial

My name is Kassidy Young, I was the winner of the Senior Teen Sparkle Fashionista title, and current Miss Fashion Week Australia, 2018.

My Sparkle Fashionista experience commenced with Modelling Workshops directed by Louise Sumner and led by the amazing Quintin James. The Workshops allowed me to overcome my nerves and develop my modelling skills. Quintin did a fantastic job at making all the girls feel comfortable allowing us to refine our own modelling techniques and ask loads of questions. I loved that Sparkle Fashionista incorporated a workshop component as it allowed me to work with an industry professional, get to know all the girls and build confidence and experience for future opportunities with my modelling.

Take your heels, notebooks and a willingness to learn ready for an informative, practical and fun time at Sparkle Fashionista Modelling Workshops.

The Sparkle Fashionista Modelling Competition day was an exciting professionally run event at a great venue. The event offered models a chance to walk the runway on an elevated stage complete with stage lighting, DJ Music, professional photography &videography and an amazing Master of Ceremonies. It was fabulous!!

The day started as they all do, getting ready. A group of nervous young models sharing one space, working together to get hair & makeup finished to perfection. With stage rehearsals completed, the first event was the Sparkle Fashionista T-Shirt and Denim Wear, our debut onto the runway for the Judging Panel and Spectators. Louise provided a funky T-shirt with a little bit of bling and just the right amount of sassiness for this section #Runway.

The event continued with Swimwear/Active Wear and Sparkle Fashionista Party Wear sections. This was the first time I had modelled swimwear/active wear and I felt extremely confident taking all I learnt from the Modelling Workshops onto the runway. With the Sparkle Fashionista Party Wear, again the entrants displayed their own unique styles and personalities lighting up the runway for the final time.

One of the many highlights for me was the on-stage question presented after Party Wear; each entrant received a well thought out and age appropriate question that provided opportunity for the speaker to show a little personality and to practice their public presentation skills.

The Weekend sped by with learning, photos, rehearsals, photos, outfit changes, photos, competition sections, photos and finally the exciting announcement of the award recipients and of course just a few more photos. The awards and prizes were generous, with great industry relevant inclusions.

Sparkle Fashionista Modelling Competition and Workshop has a special place in my heart, it has been an important part of my modelling journey. Thank you Louise for providing this opportunity. xo


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