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Runway modelling workshops
and competitions.


Sparkle Fashionista ®™ is a Runway Modelling Competition.

Louise SumnerSparkle Fashionista ®™is run by Mrs Sparkles (Louise Sumner), who has been involved in Pageants, including judging both in Australia and in the USA.

Sparkle Fashionista ®™ is a fantastic platform for those young ladies, ages 7 years plus, who would like to experience a runway modelling competition. It is also a great way to gain experience and confidence before entering those large Pageant and Modelling Systems.

Sparkle Fashionista®™ is a fun and relaxed experience, where you can meet other aspiring Fashionista’s and make friends.

We also hold Runway Workshops, coached by Quintin James, covering Basic Walk, Poses, Runway Etiquette, Staging, Musicality, Basic Choreography, Garment Use, Question Answer Options and Basic Public Speaking.

 So come and join in the fun, Hit the Runway and let the Fashionista within you Sparkle.


Be a stiletto in a room full of flats ®™.


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